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Privacy policy
This privacy policy describes the rights and controls over your personal data and how to contact us with any questions. 1. com provides extra sponsors and support throughout the world, for the use of its customers. 2. The data we collect includes your personal data, images, ip, device, log and other use and third party app information, and by using this site and providing this data you consent to our use, analysis, processing, matching and storage of this data, which consent may be revoked and removed by you at any time, upon written notice. 3. We keep your data semi-public and only share information on-site and with other users or via general internet access and with those you have allowed via your own privacy settings. We also utilize advertising networks which also may track your data, and you authorize this regular use of information, and to any other affiliates or related providers. We also may provide data to law enforcement or under applicable laws or legal situations, but and its affiliates are held harmless for any use or third party use of the site or any information here-in. 4. You can terminate and remove your current account at any time by contact or in writing, or at our discretion. 5. We attempt to make your account and information as secure as possible, and according to your own pivacy settings, and for this to be a safe and fun social network for everyone. Please contact us for any issues. 6. Enjoy Sponssoring!